Du-Co Ceramics Company Acquires Mitronics Products

Saxonburg, Pennsylvania, USA 10/24/2022 – Du-Co Ceramics Company acquired Mitronics
Products, a supplier of choice for ceramic electric insulators, metalized steatite bushings, and
ceramic-metal assemblies for over 50 years. Mitronics Products has long been a valued
customer of Du-Co Ceramics and the two companies have shared a great relationship for many
years. This acquisition will enhance the opportunities for Du-Co Ceramics to serve its customers
by adding the product lines offered by Mitronics Products to the components currently
produced and shipped all over the globe.

Product lines previously produced and shipped out of the Mitronics Products headquarters in
Gillette, New Jersey will be transferred to Du-Co Ceramics Company’s Monroe, NC facility. Du-
Co Ceramics will continue to produce the Mitronics Products components, the highest quality
ceramic insulators and assembles on the market, with an emphasis on Metalized Steatite
Bushings, Hermetic Ceramic-to-Metal Assemblies and Glazed Steatite Insulators.

About Du-Co Ceramics Company – Du-Co Ceramics Company is a manufacturer of technical
ceramic products serving the global market of customers requiring precision made ceramic
components produced from a variety of ceramic materials for a wide range of applications. Du-
Co Ceramics Company operates two ISO 9001 certified production facilities located
in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania and Monroe, North Carolina.

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