Grill Greats Ceramic Briquettes

Space Age Ceramic Briquettes Last Forever.

  • Replaces Briquettes or Lava Rocks
  • Juices vaporize, giving the char-broiled flavor and aroma
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back!
  • Du-Co Ceramic Grill Greats are proudly MADE IN THE U.S.A

How it works:

Self Cleaning Process

The unique rectangular shape of Grill Greats ceramic briquettes provides a flat semi-porous, sieve-type ceramic surface. This feature simplifies the “Self-Cleaning Process”. Just turn the Grill Greats over in the same position and continue to use. The bottom side will automatically self-clean during use. This procedure may be repeated as needed.

Eliminates Cold Spots

Technologically advanced ceramic Grill Greats have been tested to withstand extreme temperatures to 2300°F. With Grill Greats special rectangular shape, more heat is retained and evenly radiated, eliminating cold spots and improving cooking performance.

Reduce Flare-Ups

Another unique feature that sets Grill Greats ceramic briquettes apart from conventional materials is sieve-type holes that allow most grease and oil substances to pass directly through the grate to collection pan. This immediately reduces excessive smoke and flare-ups.

1. Remove top grill
2. Place Grill Greats on metal grate directly over the burners beneath the cooking surface, end-to-end, side-by-side, touching as illustrated.
3. If flare-up should occur, turn burner setting down.
4. After several uses, simply turn Grill Greats over to self-clean.