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Celebrating 75 years - Du-Co Ceramics



As a world leader in technical ceramics manufacturing, Du-Co Ceramics Company is proud to celebrate 75 years in business. The Pennsylvania-based company with manufacturing locations in Saxonburg. PA and Monroe, NC has become a true small business success story that started from humble beginnings in a re-purposed slaughterhouse in 1949.

In the over seven-decade history, Du-Co Ceramics has become a world leader of custom manufactured technical ceramic components and insulators.

This past February commemorated the company’s 75th year in business. Du-Co’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement while meeting the requirements of their customers has been the foundation which the company has built on for each of those 75 years.

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Du-Co Ceramics’ origins began in 1949 when John J. Duke, President and Reldon W. Cooper, Vice President and General Manager, started the pursuit of their vision to grow their new business based on personal commitment to integrity, reliability, quality and superior customer service. The company, currently owned and operated by the Cooper family, attributes the company’s continued success to adherence to these same time-honored principles. Continuous improvement and facility investment programs form the basis upon which dedicated Du-Co personnel, comprised of experienced and skilled ceramists, aspire to continue the legacy of providing superior customer service through:

● Reliable delivery
● Meeting Quality Expectations
● Competitive Pricing

Du-Co Ceramics Company still utilizes some customized production equipment designed and built by Mr. Cooper, who recognized the importance of developing in-house maintenance and tool and die capabilities to assure adherence to production schedules to be a reliable supplier. In the 1970’s Du-Co Ceramics Company added the office building, tunnel and tool & die shop to the manufacturing facility. Du-Co Ceramics continued its expansion in 2001 by adding additional space, again increasing the manufacturing area’s square footage. In 2007, Du-Co Ceramics Company purchased the assets of another ceramic company which included a new manufacturing facility in Monroe, NC. With the continual success of the company, brought on by the solid leadership of the company’s owners and the unwavering dedication of its employees, Du-Co added a new metalized production line in 2022. With all the expansion efforts, Du-Co Ceramics currently has two ISO 9001 certified production facilities utilizing over 250,000 square feet. Du-Co Ceramics Company looks forward to continuing to provide quality ceramics at competitive prices for the next 75 years and beyond.

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