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Precision Ceramic Production Operations

Du-Co Ceramics Company – A Technical Ceramics Manufacturer

Du-Co Ceramics Company is a manufacturer of technical ceramic products serving the global market of customers requiring precision made ceramic components produced from a variety of ceramic materials for a wide range of applications. Du-Co Ceramics Company operates two ISO 9001 certified production facilities located in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania and Monroe, North Carolina.

‘Du-Co Ceramics, Celebrating 75 Years Strong’ (Press Release)

Quality Policy

We at Du-Co Ceramics Company strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system. We pledge to consistently manufacture ceramic products that meet the specifications and quality expectations of our customers as well as regulatory requirements and deliver these products worldwide in a timely and cost efficient manner. We commit to an on-going review of our policies and objectives including striving for continual improvement. Simply stated, as in our Mission Statement below.

Mission Statement

Du-Co Ceramics Company will meet the requirements of our customers.  This principle, the continued hard work and dedication from loyal employees coupled with ongoing engineered innovations is the bedrock on which Du-Co Ceramics Company will maintain its ability to manufacture superior ceramic components for its valued customers around the globe.

Vision Statement

Igniting a kiln they had built in a re-purposed slaughterhouse in rural Pennsylvania on February 2, 1949, John J. Duke, President, and Reldon W. Cooper, Vice President and General Manager, started the pursuit of their vision to grow their new business based on personal commitment to integrity, reliability, quality and superior customer service by being self-reliant. The company, currently owned and operated by the Cooper family, attributes the company’s continued success to adherence to these same time honored principles. Continuous improvement and facility continuous investment programs form the basis upon which dedicated Du-Co personnel, comprised of experienced and skilled ceramists, aspire to continue the legacy of providing superior customer service through:

  • Reliable delivery
  • Meeting Quality Expectations
  • Fair Pricing

Du-Co Ceramics Company still utilizes some customized production equipment designed and built by Mr. Cooper who recognized the importance of developing in house maintenance capabilities so as to assure adherence to production schedules in order to be a reliable supplier to its customers. Mr. Cooper liked to tell a story about a hatchet that, to this day, is still used in employee training programs. Du-Co Ceramics maintenance departments are capable of re-building most of the production equipment utilized in the Du-Co Ceramics manufacturing processes. The Company also maintains full service die shops at both manufacturing facilities.

Du-Co Ceramics Company sales and production engineering personnel use their collective knowledge of the applications for ceramic materials to provide design assistance to customers in the selection of materials as well as providing information on design guidelines for efficient manufacturing. Du-Co Ceramic Company engineers also have the experience and capability to provide trouble shooting assistance to customers as well as R&D services in the development of material bodies that solve customer problems.

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