Secondary Operations


Many features that cannot be incorporated into the die design are machined into ceramic components after extrusion or pressing. Du-Co can drill, tap, slot, thread, machine and groove to exact tolerances prior to firing.

Glazing, Firing, and Finishing Ceramics

Glazing, Firing, and Finishing Ceramics

Du-Co ceramic insulators can be glazed to your specifications before or after firing. Our glazing machines are monitored and controlled to apply glaze to the designated area of the ceramic parts with precision and uniformity. Glazed ceramic and unglazed ceramic parts ultimately are transferred to Du-Co’s gas-fired tunnel or periodic kilns for the firing process.

Every phase of the firing process, from initial heat-up through the cooling of the finished ceramic product, is continually monitored and controlled. This uniformity of firing helps ensure the dimensional stability of ceramic products, as well as the electrical and mechanical properties.

When necessary to meet customer specifications, a variety of finishing operations can be carried out following the firing of ceramic products.  A tumbling process can be utilized to obtain a desired surface finish for certain parts.

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