Standard Ribbed Ceramic Bushing

Ceramic ribbed and grooved bushings  are commonly used to support wires and rods and as guides in high voltage electrical equipment.

Standard Ceramic Ribbed Bushing

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Part No.MaterialRib ODIDLength
A-0238L-3 Steatite0.6880.3830.375
A-3021L-3 Steatite0.8750.4750.495
A-4244L-3 Steatite0.7500.4000.660
A-4156L-3 Steatite0.7500.3220.630
A-2122-1L-3 Steatite0.7500.3750.625
A-3900L-3 Steatite0.7480.2010.630
A-3099L-3 Steatite0.7300.3800.500
A-1025L-3 Steatite0.7300.3800.440
EM-2776L-3 Steatite0.6880.3830.500
A-2597L-5 Steatite0.8750.4570.507