Manufacturing Capabilities

Using advanced equipment, Du-Co has two ceramic manufacturing capabilities in facilities capable of producing millions of parts per day.  Pressed ceramics can be manufactured up to 5″ in diameter and extruded ceramics can be manufactured up to 3″ in diameter.  Ceramic parts are produced in Steatite Ceramic, Cordierite Ceramic, Magnesium Oxide Ceramic, Mullite Ceramic, Alumina Ceramic and Forsterite Ceramic.  Du-Co’s processes are dry pressing, extrusion, secondary machining, glazing and both centerless and flat grinding.  Du-Co offers technical engineering expertise to assist with your design and ceramic material selection enabling Du-Co to produce high quality technical ceramics at competitive pricing in the quantities you require.  With this capability, Du-Co serves both high and low technical ceramic volume applications.

Precision Ceramic Production Operations

Ceramic Material ManufacturingSteatite Ceramic, Cordierite Ceramic, Forsterite Ceramic, Mullite Ceramic , Magnesium Oxide Ceramic and Aluminum Oxide Ceramic are among the wide varieties of raw ceramic materials used in the production of Du-Co ceramic insulators. Materials are tested and monitored throughout the production process.  Please contact us to assist you with design and material selections.  We may be able to offer a lower cost alternative to what you use now with a custom material. As one example, we have used a cordierite variant material as a lower cost substitute for the more expensive mullite ceramic, while maintaining the required properties for the ceramic component.

Quality and Reliability

After firing, finished parts are subjected to a final quality audit to ensure accordance with blueprint specifications. We firmly believe, however, that quality cannot be inspected into the final product. Quality is managed into Du-Co ceramic insulators through our rigid control of the entire production process. Du-Co’s experienced technical ceramic engineers and technicians are the driving force behind our total quality assurance program. Our experience enables us to identify critical control variables throughout the manufacturing process, from the analysis of raw ceramic materials to the firing of finished ceramic insulators. Our quality control teams use sophisticated control systems to continually monitor and regulate equipment capability to ensure the finished ceramic product meets required tolerances. Final inspections and quality audits serve only to confirm that systems are operating properly and products are conforming to specifications