Recent News and Updates

Jim Wetzel, Du-Co Ceramics Congratulations to Jim Wetzel for 40 years of service - Du-Co would like to congratulate Office Maintenance employee, Jim Wetzel for 40 years of service! Continue Reading >
Ray Livingston Welcoming Ray Livingston as our Maintenance Supervisor - Please join Du-Co Ceramics in welcoming our new Maintenance Supervisor, Ray Livingston. We greatly appreciate Ray keeping up with the day-to-day tasks required to keep our plant running smoothly since his arrival in May. As a well-rounded man inside and outside of the plant, you can find Ray reading books or lifting weights when not… Continue Reading >
Mike Carson Congratulations to Mike Carson - Congratulation to Mike Carson, VP of Marketing for 15 years of service. Continue Reading >
Brian Vernon Congratulations to Brian Vernon - Congratulations to Brian Vernon, VP of Sales for 10 years of service. Continue Reading >
Vickie Giesbrecht Du-Co Ceramics welcomes Second Shift Supervisor - Du-Co Ceramics is pleased to announce Vickie Giesbrecht has accepted the role of Second Shift Supervisor.  With Vickie’s past experience in management positions, strong work ethic and positive attitude she has proven to be a valuable member of the Du-Co production team.  Congratulations to Vickie in your new position! Continue Reading >
Victoria Blair Du-Co Ceramics Award Winner Du-Co Ceramics Young Professional Award winner for 2021 - Dr. Victoria L. Blair is a Materials Engineer at DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory (ARL), at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. She received her BS in ceramic engineering and PhD in ceramics from Alfred University (New York State College of Ceramics) in 2008 and 2014, respectively. Dr. Blair joined ARL as a post-doctoral fellow in June 2014… Continue Reading >
Du-Co Ceramics Paul Sekeras Congratulations to Paul Sekeras - Congratulations to Paul Sekeras, Quality Control Manager for 15 years of service. Continue Reading >
Du-Co Ceramics welcomes Renee Munshower as Shipping Supervisor - A 1992 graduate of Highlands High School, Renee spent 22 years of active duty in the United States Air Force. (Thank you for your service!). During her time in the USAF she excelled in the Logistics of ground, rail, air and water transportation. Renee culminated her Air Force career as the Superintendent of Traffic Management… Continue Reading >