Adam Pawlowicz Du-Co Ceramics

Please join us in congratulating Adam Pawlowicz on his promotion to Quality Control Technician on 9/26!

Adam began his career at Du-Co Ceramics at the end of August 2021 like so many others do, working diligently at the kiln exit end and making it into the Union after meeting his probationary period. Shortly thereafter, an upcoming retirement opened up a spot in the lab and the opportunity soon seemed to point to Adam. A promotion offer was made, training commenced, and the next thing you know Adam was officially joining the management team as a Lab Technician by the end of September 2022. Opportunities are everywhere at Du-Co as Adam can attest to finding one that fits him well.

As if a promotion wasn’t exciting enough, Adam and his long-time girlfriend just purchased their first home. Now Adam’s commute to Du-Co is even shorter, further exhibiting his continued commitment to a long and successful career with us. Adam will tell you that he loves political science, studying the subject during his time away from work and even manages to squeeze in his love of cooking, hiking, and working out in his free time.

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