Congratulations to Mike Carson on your Retirement

Please join us in the celebration of Mike Carson’s upcoming retirement.  Sixteen years ago, Mike started at Du-Co as a Sales Manager. Our current Vice President – Marketing will make his exit on May 27, 2022. Mike’s reflection of his time spent at Du-Co was served with much gratitude. We are just as grateful to have had the pleasure of working with you, Mike! 

This is not goodbye, as we are likely to have the opportunity to find Mike playing a show around the area. He will be enjoying his new found time in retirement to spend more time creating music and performing once again. He has never stopped writing songs, playing the guitar and bass, or singing despite his dedication to Du-Co. When the music isn’t keeping him busy in retirement, his 8 grandchildren, and home projects he plans to take on with his wife, Vicki, will.

Congratulations, Mike! Best wishes in your retirement!

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