Crushable Ceramic Products

Du-Co Ceramics Company manufactures a variety of crushable ceramic materials for use worldwide in cartridge heaters, thermocouples, and mineral insulated cable. Our crushable ceramic products are custom designed to meet specifications for purity and crushability.

A wide variety of processing methods provide a level of control and consistency unmatched in the industry, making Du-Co Ceramics a preferred source for these high-quality crushable ceramic products.

Material Specifications
Body NumberS-464S-461S-699S-470S-570
Chemical Analysis
MgO, %96.0 min99.4 min1.7836.27
AL2O3, %.40 max.15 max99.65 min26.7010.20
SiO2, %2.6 max.15 max.08 max69.8052.49
CaO, %1.5 max.35 max.08 max.07.31
Fe2O3, %.2 max.15 max.10 max.35.44
B+Cd, ppm400 max30 max30 max400400
Mechanical Properties
Porosity, %MIN 12MIN 14MIN 17MIN 18MIN 18
Bulk Density, gm/cc2.332.382.201.782.0
Flexural Strength, psi2,000-10,0002,000-10,0005,000-25,0002,000-10,0002,000-6,000
Compressive Strength, psi5,000-15,0002,000-15,0007,000-30,0007,000-30,0002,000-6,000
Thermal Properties
Thermal Expansion 25°-700°
Max Operating Temp., °C2,000°+2,000°+1,800°1,400°1,400°

Note: Values given are typical results from testing and should be used for reference only.