Ceramic Tape

High temperature-resistant 96% alumina is used by Du-Co Ceramics Company to manufacture green (un-fired) ceramic tape which can be used in a variety of applications. This ceramic tape can be used in both the green (un-fired) state or with additional processing to produce hard-fired substrates.

The green ceramic tape is produced by using the Roll Compaction method. This allows the ceramic tape to be manufactured to precise thickness specifications. Tooling is then used to mechanically punch the ceramic tape, producing parts to the desired green size and shape. The tape parts are then fired by passing through a high-temperature kiln.

Du-Co Ceramics Company’s engineering staff draws upon over 50 years of experience to assist customers with technical requirements and the design of products to meet their specific applications. The ulitimate objective is to identify the most economical and efficient means of meeting the customers insulation needs. Our engineering department frequently can offer helpful suggestions concerning cost-effective production of ceramic tape.

Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Fired Substrates
96% AL2O3
Material GradeDC-265
Water Absorption (%)Impervious
Density (lbs/in3)0.134
Specific Gravity (g/cc)3.7
Thermal Conductivity (k)
((gm. cal x cm. thick) / (cm2 x sec x °C))
Hardness (Mohs’ Scale)9.0
Flexural Strength (1000 Pounds per Sq. In.)60
Compressive Strength (1000 Pounds per Sq. In.)400
Tensile Strength (1000 Pounds per Sq. In.)25
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
per °C(20°-650°C)
7.9 x 10-6
Resistance to Impact (Inch-Pounds)7
Safe Operating Temperature
Dielectric Strength (Volts per mil)230
Te Value
Dielectric Constant (at 1 Megacycle/Sec.)9.3
Power Factor (at 1 Megacycle/Sec.)0.0003
Loss Factor (at 1 Magacycle/Sec.)0.0028