Job Opening: Information Technology Manager

Update (09/04/2013): This position has been filled.  To see currently available job openings, please refer to the Employment Opportunities page.

Job Overview:  The Information Technology Manager is responsible for all aspects of technology resources, including, but not limited to: servers, networking, client workstations and peripherals, databases, e-mail, web site, telephone, fax, video conferencing/security, mobile device management, and data collection devices.

Responsibilities and Duties Overview:

  • Responsible for the continued operation, maintenance, and upgrade/replacement (as recommended and approved) of the computer systems at all company locations, including servers, desktop workstations and peripherals, laptops and other mobile devices, storage systems, networking infrastructure (wired and wireless), backup and disaster recovery, video monitoring/conferencing systems, and data collection devices.
  • Responsible for the continued operation, maintenance, and upgrade (as recommended and approved) of the software systems at all company locations, including operating systems, productivity, content creation, backup, database, web, e-mail, ERP/CRM, document management, file server, and custom business applications.
  • Responsible for the continued operation, maintenance, and upgrade/replacement (as recommended and approved) of all company communication systems (phone, fax, e-mail, etc.) and office equipment (printers, copiers, labeling devices, etc.) at all company locations.
  • Responsible for recommending service and support contracts with third parties when needed and, if approved, coordinating and verifying that the services are adequately provided according to the terms of the agreements.
  • Responsible for recommending and, if approved, implementing information technology strategies, practices, and policies to support business goals, maintain information security, and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Responsible for conducting training or coordinating the delivery of training to employees in the proper and effective use of information technology resources.
  • May be called upon to participate in all stages of automation and other projects where expertise is beneficial.
  • May be assigned other miscellaneous duties as required by executive management.

Compensation and Benefits: Annual Salary Commensurate with Education and Experience.   This is a full time position with a comprehensive benefit package.

Education and Experience Requirements:  Associates or higher in an Information Technology field, or applicable industry certifications, and 2+ years experience in Information Technology.

Skills Requirements:

  • Must be credible, ethical, have a clean criminal and financial history, and be able to maintain confidentiality.
  • Must be able to travel periodically to subsidiary facility in North Carolina and other locations for training, trade shows, or other events as necessary.
  • Must possess exceptional written and verbal communication skills, including ability to articulate recommendations in a concise and timely manner, write effective policies and procedures, and train others.
  • Must be able to handle multiple tasks and maintain control and order over same.
  • Must be able to work well as part of a team to develop strategies and perform project work.
  • Ability to design and write clean program and web code (HTML) with appropriate commenting in the source.  (Preference for Visual Basic, PHP, and Javascript.)
  • Possess knowledge of creating, maintaining, and modifying relational databases.  (Preference for Microsoft SQL Server and Access.)
  • Expert in operation and troubleshooting of Microsoft operating systems, Server and Desktop versions, and productivity software, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Have some knowledge of Storage Area Networks.
  • Proficient in virtualization technologies. (VMWare preferred.)
  • Must understand networking fundamentals, including cabling standards, VLAN implementation, QoS, and wireless technologies. (Cisco preferred.)